Unique Features
A- High density, wrap around external heel counter for rearfoot stability.
B- Removable, patented Anti-Shox orthotic for support and shock absorption.
C- Additional "Undersole" layer for customized fit.
D- Highly cushioned, offset heel reduces stress on the rearfoot.
E- Carboplast footbridge provides motion control and minimizes pronation.
F- Smooth inner lining to avoid irritation and injury.
G- Moisture transferring mesh upper helps keep feet healthy, cool and dry.
H- High, wide toe box for forefoot comfort and biomechanical efficiency.
I- Biomechanically engineered, dual density midsole stabilizes foot, heel to toe.
J- Highly slip resistant outsole provides traction and durability.

Aetrex's unique PRS Insole (Pressure Relief System) allows you to
easily customize the comfort and fit of the shoe by trimming the
insole at the areas of pressure.
The PRS Insole may also be fully removed for additional depth if needed.
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