Carolina® Glossary

AeroGrip® Carolina's patent-pending AeroGrip® tread is forged into a premium compound of slip-resistant rubber that scores world-class rating for friction and grip when tested under extreme conditions.

Cambrelle® A textured, rugged fabric lining with good moisture wicking capabilities.

Duro Tech® A membrane barrier design to keep feet dry from outside weather and inside perspiration. It allows moisture vapor to pass and air to permeate though it. Air circulation assists the body's ability to cool though evaporation.

DRI-LEX® A soft nylon lining with excellent moisture wicking capabilities, DRI-LEX® is long wearing and very breathable.

DRYZ® An innovative line of insole systems that absorb moisture and molecularly convert it into a dry gel within the insole of the shoe. As a result, the insole absorbs all the moisture from perspiration throughout the day, yet remains dry to the touch.

ELECTRICAL HAZARD (EH) shoes are tested by an independent lab and withstand applications of 14,400 volts at 60Hz for one minute without leakage.

ELECTRO-STATIC DISSAPATIVE shoes absorb and neutralize loose electrons, sending negative charges into the floor.

Global Sourcing Carolina® produces multiple identical styles domestically and globally. These styles have the same pattern, construction and materials, however, they are maintained and identified with unique stock numbers.

GORE-TEX® Footwear lined with Gore-Tex fabric is the state of the art in durable, waterproof, breathable footwear technology.

Nytek® a revolutionary alternative to leather, offers advantages that leather cannot match. Specially formed, high-performance nylon microfibers are nearly indistinguishable from the collagen fibers of leather, yet are three times stronger with better abrasion-resistance.

OPANKA CONSTRUTION is a durable hand crafted construction method in which the upper is attached to the outsole and sock lining by hand stitching with a heavy, durable waxed thread. This type of construction yields extremely flexible footwear.

PORON® Permafresh® A shock absorbing cushion insole that offers antibacterial protection. Permafresh® Urethane stops the growth of odor causing bacteria and fungus and resists the growth of mold and mildew.

STEEL TOE Compression and impact testing determine the impact that the safety toe will absorb. A classification of I / 75 means the toe will absorb up to 75 lbs. of impact, C / 75 means the toe offers constant load protection of up to 2,500 lbs. of pressure.

Thinsulate™ Microfibers trap dead air to keep feet warn while absorbing water to maintain warmth in damp conditions.

VIBRAM® The Vibram® brand is recognized for its high performance soling products used in rugged, outdoor, and service footwear.

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